29 April 2008


a fabric covered album

I use a basic Paper-Source kit and bond lightweight interfacing to my print of choice to make fabric covered books. Scissors and acid-free glue are the only necessary tools.

26 April 2008



The scene this morning about a half hour ago: a nine year old who wanted something other than every option offered to him for breakfast and a mother standing before an open refrigerator staring down about three cups of eight day old artisan bread dough. She puts the two-burner griddle on the stove and turns the heat up to medium. She slaps a cup each of the slack and cold dough onto the griddle in three roundish mounds. She turns each muffin after about seven minutes, turns the heat down to low and lets them cook another ten minutes. She fork splits. He butters. He eats.

25 April 2008

breakfast of champion

a sprouted garbanzo bean burger with crema mexicana and a slice of tomato

Thanks, Heidi. See here.

23 April 2008

galbraith & paul

a philadelphia printmaking outfit

I was looking this site up for a friend who has some decorating to do and these images are just so wonderfully springy, I wanted to share.

22 April 2008

rocky top

a sheep farm in Ottsville, PA

Today the whole family chaperoned the third grade to visit Mrs. Halstead's sheep at her farm in Bucks County. Each child (and parent) got a chance to cut fleece from patient and full-bodied Winifred. In the coming weeks the children will wash, card, spin, plant dye and work Winnie's wool as part of the fibers block.

tree hugger

hugging trees

happy earth day.

21 April 2008


a Jo Sharp cardigan

Just in time for that day of spring past which I can't tolerate wearing wool, I finished the Silkroad Cardigan (Interweave Knits, Fall 2004). I attached the sleeves and sewed the sleeve seams by hand and then did the rest by machine after careful pinning. Thanks to Elizabeth at The Knitting Garden for coming through with an extra ball of dk tweed (beyond the two called for in the pattern) for the collar. I needed the whole ball. The instructions don't take the full length of the collar piece into account.

15 April 2008


My friend and fellow third grade parent Joy Delaney Capponi is a gifted ballet instructor and an amazing choreographer. She has chosen author Jane Yolen's The Emperor and the Kite to adapt for a world premier performance of The Philadelphia Dance Theater. Illustrator Ed Young was a consultant for the sets, so this show will be a visual feast. If you're in the Philadelphia area, click on the poster above for details and don't miss it!

08 April 2008


(yet) another bag

My mom requested this one that appeared in the June 2007 MSLiving. Here it is on the website. For the handles I cut two strips of fabric 2.5" x 30" that I folded in half and bound only on the open side.

04 April 2008

she's got the button

a birthday necklace for my mom

This button from Moving Mud made a lovely springtime necklace for my mom. I picked up the aqua with two crystal buttons with that color fused to to the inside. The rest is a strand of pearl glass seed beads with silver crimp beads holding the silver toggle clasp in place.

02 April 2008

gilding the

gifts to go with the new bag

I used fabric scraps to decorate a Moleskine notebook à la Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts and made a coordinating Bend the Rules Sewing Artsy Clutch to hold a pair of susyluxe earrings. I'll also tuck a Lyra pencil in for the sketching, notetaking, happy traveling college graduate.

01 April 2008


another Amy Butler simple drawstring tote

I added a machine appliqued embellishment to the outside and a pocket to the inside.

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