15 December 2007

cookies with kick

mexican wedding cakes

The recipe for these chili-dusted cakes appeared on that incomparable blog known as Naive Knitting (the genius of which you can still get a taste here at thirty-six.com). epicurious has a version of the recipe--just add cayenne to the powdered sugar.

12 December 2007


a red rose

(Cf. Tales from Moominvalley...for young readers and for adults who feel too hustled and bustled by holiday preparations)

09 December 2007

daisy chain

one more pillow and a big hug for Uncle David

This pillow is one big piece of leftover upholstery fabric sewn in half and decorated with round, fussy cut patches of the "Gertrude" print that hide the snaps with which I fastened the flaps. I linked the patches with hand embroidered chain and back- stitch.

08 December 2007


another pillow for my brother

MATERIALS: Rowan Kid Classic in Juicy, "Gertrude" fabric from Maharam
INSPIRATION: Kim Hargreaves' "Softly" Pillow from a bygone Rowan Magazine (28, I think) and twisted stitch patterns in Lesley Stanfield's New Knitting Stitch Library, Martin Margiela's unfinished seams

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