30 May 2007


a patchwork covered accordion album
This is a large basic accordion book from Paper Source I covered with embroidered and pieced fabrics backed with fusible interfacing. So easy.

24 May 2007


a baby bonnet

This is the Sweet Baby Cap from Gros with a few modifications for sizing down and the topknot. I cast on 103 stitches for a newborn size and when I got down to four stitches, I knit a short i-cord before fastening off.

21 May 2007


a thank you owl

A simple, quick and satisfying little project following MOONSTITCHES' excellent"tutowlrial".

02 May 2007


a knitted bear with crocheted backpack by my eight year old son Bruno

My sisters (who never comment, but save their abuses for email) are weary ("Why are you so weary?") of seeing the fugassa they didn't get to eat. So here's the bear Bruno made at the best school on the planet.

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