02 February 2007

a.d. 2007

my new date book (one month late)I covered a text block and bookboard kit from paper-source with machine-pieced fabric backed with craft-fuse. The machine embroidered stripes at the bottom were stitched with variegated thread. Paper-source kits come with instructions for covering books in paper; fabric makes a completely unproblematic substitution and can be pieced and decorated like you would a quilt block or embroidered patch. I sometimes find bulkier embellishments like the ribbon on this book require clamping at the folds with an office-supply store binder clip while the glue is drying--aside from glue (Mod Podge is fine for non-archival work), a foam brush to spread glue evenly, a bonefolder for smoothing out surfaces and tucking in corners, covering books doesn't require special equipment.
Here's a photo of last year's book. Follow this link to Simmy's site to see her tutorial on covering books.

This is really lovely - and I loved Simmy's suggestions for books and her post about childhood and the comment from the woman who moved to Scotland and her children's friends not eating her food because she is a hippy! Come to Berkeley Ruth!!!!!
Such a beautiful book; you've outdone yourself. I love the addition of text to textiles but rarely can think of the right words. Maybe superbuzzy can help me out.

Way to get maximum bang out of that short length of ribbon!

I'm saving cotton twill tape for rubber stamping. Fair warning. Think of words. xoxo Kay
hi cristina! as usual-- i have found something so well-done & inspiring on your site-- i'm quite terrible with datebooks actually (and their care and feeding) , but if i actually made it with my own 2 hands i might find it easier to incorporate into my ever-more whirling, twirling disorganized ways.
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