31 October 2007


interlocking circles: my all-time favorite pattern

A close up of the Target apron style top I bought today to hack for its wonderful jersey fabric. I think I'll try to figure out how to make a simple a-line skirt. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

The sashiko pillow I made during my Waldorf teacher training over ten years ago.

21 October 2007


a conversation piece

I made this puzzle ball from Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts with a 10 inch template (the lid to my Le Creuset braising pan) instead of the recommended 5.5 inch template. I used leftover upholstery material from my brother's recent house renovation project. This piece is for his trophy room.

16 October 2007

rhapsodize in blue

the raffle afghan (60"x70") laid out for scale

It's a matter of principle with me not to put my name on any of the raffle tickets I'll buy, so the first five commenters to leave a haiku, limerick, or heroic couplet in praise of the color blue will get two complimentary chances to win. (Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you and send you your tickets.) There are links to information about How I Did It here. There's a link to the ticket purchase site at the top of the sidebar.

Thanks for breezing by.
A glimpse of cerulean
and then you surfed on.

14 October 2007

love is a trug

the best knitting bag

I am the lucky owner of a Shinzi Katoh bag (they're on SALE!) from superbuzzy and it's the knitting bag I reach for most often. So I decided to make one using Etsuko Furuya fabric (doubled so it would be more substantial) I have in the stash. Ecco!

13 October 2007


another doll quilt

And a superb new old word that starts with "x"! (You're welcome.) This quilt is inspired by my wish to get all my projects for the Fair done on time. I let the top fabric be the design, used the backing folded over the top to form the binding and tied the layers together with indigo-dyed silk and merino yarn.


a doll quilt

I'm making quilts to go with the doll beds that will be on sale along with handmade dolls at my son's school's Holiday Fair. This one is inspired by the pinwheel duvet cover in Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts.

08 October 2007

open, sesame

These swatches of Henry's Attic Aladdin yarn (a slubby cotton that seems to have been discontinued) took a brief bath in stewed black walnuts.

05 October 2007


I used cyano-printed fabric by Cheryl to make today's second artsy clutch.


another little clutch

I made this one with Simmy's plant-dyed blanket simply top stitched. It may have taken all of eight minutes to make.

04 October 2007

ultra artsy

a place for keeping photos

This is the "Artsy Clutch" from Bend the Rules Sewing by "Bend it Like Amy" Karol. The fabric is Amy Butler's from the Forest collection. That patch of orange on the flap is my little bit of Christo & Jeanne-Claude's Gates. I used butterfly stitch taught to me by my third grader to make the elastic cord a bit more hefty. His school photo you see below was taken by Dana Scherer of Bamboo Photography.

02 October 2007

safe & sound

a place for cards

This is the "No Cash Wallet" from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing made with echino fabric. A very fun little project and a place to keep those cards I want in my bag, but not in my wallet.

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