14 October 2007

love is a trug

the best knitting bag

I am the lucky owner of a Shinzi Katoh bag (they're on SALE!) from superbuzzy and it's the knitting bag I reach for most often. So I decided to make one using Etsuko Furuya fabric (doubled so it would be more substantial) I have in the stash. Ecco!

I want your bag. I want your fabric stash. And I like your bag even more than the delightful ones that inspired you!
It's absolutely beautiful, and the workmanship is amazing.
Beautiful! saw a woman wearing sweater similar to your jo sharp wip - perfect! I'm thinking about it!!!!
I like the way the doubling works as a lining! It's the trug gone uptown. xo Kay
Love your blanket but I'm really taken by this "trug" - I'm going to try my hand at it - picked up a fat quarter of some quilting cotton and some interfacing but now I see you mention "doubling" the fabric - is that as in the outside and the lining is doubled OR the outside + lining makes it doubled? I plan to use it as a project bag but now I'm thinking my plans may be too flimsy. Sorry to bug you here but would really like for my first try to be FABULOUS like yours!!
Robin, the fabric I used is medium weight--definitely heavier than quilting cotton. I placed two pieces of it (actually one piece folded) wrong sides together to double the weight. I think you could double your quilting cotton (one piece for outside and one for inside) AND use interfacing for similar results (or, even better, a piece of flannel like Amy Karol of angrychicken.com prefers for lining). Keep truggin'.
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