04 September 2008

puro lino

or "I just got my advance copy and I can't hold back holding forth any longer."

and so, in Euroflax, two favorites from the new MDK book Here is Mrs Lear's Monteagle Bag that I embellished with beads. The droopy bead is a polished rock--not a good idea. This is a truly satisfying and skills-expanding project and a great bag to have on hand. I got a little carried away with the fun of making Horizontal stitches and did one more row than the pattern calls for. And, yes, that's knitting, not macramé.

Here's a peek at my Via Veneto table runner with the bowl (thrown and glazed by my friend Amy) that inspired my color choices. Now I want to make one all in cream that highlights the texture and weaving.

A beautiful and engaging book, Kay and Ann. (I just wish it came out during a school vacation.) xo, c.

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