16 October 2006


a stash-busting stocking stuffer

The recipe for this soft ball (great for throwing indoors) has been handed down from knitter to knitter from time immemorial and is as simple as can be. Use whatever yarn you like and needles at least one size smaller than you would usually use for that yarn. (I used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted and size US4 needles.) CO 18 stitches. Knit every row in whatever pattern of stripes you like for 60 rows. Bind off all stitches. (Do a provisional cast on and graft the last row to the first if you want a seamless ball.)

You don't need to sew in ends since these can be stuffed into the ball.
After sewing (or grafting) the two short ends of the rectangle together, pick up purl bumps along one edge and pull the yarn to close one pole of the ball. Stuff the ball firmly and close the other pole the same way you closed the first. Sew in the ends. Throw the ball at the first person you see as you say, "Think fast!"

more balls for sewing and stuffing

So cute! Do they still make neopolitan ice cream? That was my favorite as a kid...
thanks cristina-- like the movement of the stripes!!
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