28 September 2007


a Moebius cowl

MATERIAL, TOOL & RESOURCE: one hank of Handmaiden Great Big Sea in Ivory; size US3, 40" circular needle; Cat Bordhi's A Treasury of Magical Knitting.
PATTERN: Using Cat Bordhi's instructions for the Moebius cast on, CO 140 stitches. Join for knitting in the round and K1, P1 all the way around to the first stitch. On the next and all following rounds, K1tbl, P1 until you have just enough yarn remaining to bind off (my cowl measured eleven inches from top to bottom when I bound off). Bind off in rib. Weave in the ends.
NOTES: When I try this again, I want to see what happens if I cast on with two colors of yarn (either by holding them together or alternating them as I scoop) and knit into them so that the two colors grow in opposite directions from the central spine. Great Big Sea is possibly the most wonderful yarn I've ever knit.** I bought Ivory so that I could overdye it with indigo or madder & cochineal, but the subtle shading of lightest browns in the yarn is too lovely to lose--and it goes perfectly with the Moving Mud closure I ordered from purl. Now I'd like Mrs. Lear to throw all this into The Runcible Bin and tell me what coat I should make to go with these accessories.

*tube-dwelling sea anemone
**Having said that, I think this cowl would be great in Muench Touch Me in a reversible cable pattern like the one for Lisa Daniels's Vintage Velvet in Scarf Style.

The gauge was 8 stitches to the inch measured over the twisted stitch side of the all over ribbing pattern.
This cowl pattern is my own. It doesn't appear in A Treasury of Magical Knitting, but you will need that book or its sequel for Moebius Cast On instructions.
I'll throw it in when we start rolling out the pizza dough - I love this - I don't know Great Big Sea, but they ARE my favorite band!
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