21 November 2009

Madam Kiri Bang*

It That Cannot Be Finished

(Birch) in KSH Trance spent the last three years only loosely wrapped in a piece of cotton canvas in a basket on top of a cabinet. Moths devoured the kid but eschewed the silk--except in two places on the knitted piece making The Problem Ladies' excellent advice sadly pointless.


15 November 2009

fly agaric

Bruno is studying Botany with his class and decided to make marzipan mushrooms (fatal ones, of course) to decorate his cake. Elio helped! Bruno asked for yellow cake with chocolate ganache. Happy 11 to my golden-hearted boy. (The moss is crushed green tea cookie.)

01 November 2009

ready shades

dish towel curtains

Add small hooks (to the window frame) and rings (to the towel)...or drape the towel over a branch your four year old brought into the house. (Towels from Atelier LZC and Isaac Mizrahi for Target)

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