01 November 2009

ready shades

dish towel curtains

Add small hooks (to the window frame) and rings (to the towel)...or drape the towel over a branch your four year old brought into the house. (Towels from Atelier LZC and Isaac Mizrahi for Target)


I just recovered my breakfast room chairs. What is with this impulse? I can't seem to stop there--I think the kitchen bench is next. I think this is our version of cosmetic surgery. Once you start, you just see more and more that needs to be done.
I love the Atelier LZC print, it's so cheerful.
I wish I had hung my Atelier LZC instead of using it and getting it all dingey.

And what would we DO without Target?

And has the purple lace been put down?
This is such a good idea - you could change them with the seasons and let them be dish towels when they fade. I have some old Christmas hankies.
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