15 August 2016

climb every mountain

Inspired by Improv. 7.5st/in. Antracitgra Kalinka. Thinking Hayward-style poncho-swing raglan. I might need oxygen and a sherpa before this is over.

01 May 2016


28 September 2014


stone mosaic panel
I started with a kit to copy an image of the head of Dionysus (on sale for $9) from The National Gallery. I didn't like the image, and I'm glad I didn't try to make it because there's no way there would have been enough stone. When I completed the central design, I ordered 3/8" cubes of stone from Mosaic Art Supply along with grout. I didn't want to use (or buy) chemical sealant for the tiles, so I rubbed their surfaces with melted beeswax before grouting. I scraped away most of the wax after the grout set. Then I ran the panel under the broiler of my toaster oven (door open), pulling the panel out with an oven mitt and wiping the wax away with a flour sack cloth. (Backing board in all sizes, tiles, adhesive, cutting tools, grout, and everything else you need with friendly service is available from Mosaic Art Supply.)

15 August 2014

back to school

Moleskine planner covered with Heather Ross (Far, Far Away double gauze reinforced with fusible interfacing), onionskin dyed felt, orange canvas for the inner flap/pocket, and some chain-stitched blue pearle cotton

06 July 2014


plum tarts with honey and black pepper

02 July 2014

storm skies

05 February 2014

sleet day SO

Purl Soho's Brioche Vest in Rowan Lima

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