21 November 2009

Madam Kiri Bang*

It That Cannot Be Finished

(Birch) in KSH Trance spent the last three years only loosely wrapped in a piece of cotton canvas in a basket on top of a cabinet. Moths devoured the kid but eschewed the silk--except in two places on the knitted piece making The Problem Ladies' excellent advice sadly pointless.


The horror!
oh rats.
No rats! The moths were bad enough. I confess to being a hoarder of raw materials, but I almost always finish (or quickly unravel) everything I start. I feel like infestation by moths was cosmic retribution for my leaving that project unfinished. And I really liked knitting it! I don't even remember why I set it aside.
Wow!!! Never heard of such a thing!! Can't hardly even believe it! Now I'm wondering about that moth I found fluttering outside my closet. He looked guilty . . .
This is just too cruel. Who knew you even had a moth? Intriguing that they chewed around the silk. My resident yarn-eater (Olive the dog) swallows it whole.

xo Kay
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