04 October 2007

ultra artsy

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This is the "Artsy Clutch" from Bend the Rules Sewing by "Bend it Like Amy" Karol. The fabric is Amy Butler's from the Forest collection. That patch of orange on the flap is my little bit of Christo & Jeanne-Claude's Gates. I used butterfly stitch taught to me by my third grader to make the elastic cord a bit more hefty. His school photo you see below was taken by Dana Scherer of Bamboo Photography.

You are so cool with your Christo souvenier! And look at that cutie with the tiny tie!!!!
DA COOLEST! (I wonder where I put my Christo square......) Is this the one you found in the grocery store? xoox Kay
No, this is the virgin one a friend gave to me. The trampled and discarded experienced one I picked up in the parking lot of the Trader Joe's in Abington wandered off a while ago.
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