16 October 2007

rhapsodize in blue

the raffle afghan (60"x70") laid out for scale

It's a matter of principle with me not to put my name on any of the raffle tickets I'll buy, so the first five commenters to leave a haiku, limerick, or heroic couplet in praise of the color blue will get two complimentary chances to win. (Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you and send you your tickets.) There are links to information about How I Did It here. There's a link to the ticket purchase site at the top of the sidebar.

Thanks for breezing by.
A glimpse of cerulean
and then you surfed on.

There once was a blanket so blue
It couldn't be anything but new
But not from the store
It was OH! so much more
Wondorously handcrafted like so few.

Indigo hard to breathe through
Blue deep as oceans
Breathtaking, eyemaking, cozy.

Yeah, yeah, I'm at work, no time for better poems yet. I haven't been catching the blogs much, but I have had this project on my mind since you first mentioned it in spring, and it really is incredible.
The ocean. The sky.
The gorgeous, gorgeous afghan.
How can blue be blue?

That's my (first-ever) attempt at haiku. That's how motivated I was by the offer of complimentary raffle tickets (though I did purchase a ticket). This afghan in unbelievably beautiful!

Janine (janine@peaceofmindorganizing.com)
Oh, dear indigo
I covet you, but alas
the cats would muss you

(sorry, I can never pass up the chance to haiku - though I can't say I should get any tickets - the cats really would muss it . . .)

-Cheryl in Philly
There was a young woman of Phila
Who knit things as big as Godzilla
She dyed them in vats
With bug shells and cats
And they all turned out marvilla!
by caring people
lovingly crafted by hand
it comes with a bag!

very coveted
Indigo blanket
Summer sky is blue
oceans and streams should be too.
What about ice cream?

A fresh creamy cone
Smurfs and blueberries!
Love it! It's like being a high school teacher again! Thanks you five. I will get back to you individually through your blogs if you have linked up to blogspot. If not, be sure to do that. Anyone else moved by blue, feel free to add your compositions. And thanks and good luck to all raffle ticket holders!
marvilla, LOL, will be artfully worked into conversation once each week from now on.
Same one I left on Mason-Dixon (oh-so creative me):

Roses are blue,
Violets are blue,
Blue is my favorite
And so is blue.

Lace travels like clouds
Light warmth encourages sleep
Dark blue as midnight

So pretty.

just tried to purchase 3 tix for $10 from the school website--it seems that button is not working
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