21 May 2007


a thank you owl

A simple, quick and satisfying little project following MOONSTITCHES' excellent"tutowlrial".

I'd love to make the owl and followed the link to Moonstitches, but don't know where to get the pattern pieces. Did you just eyeball yours or are there actual pieces somewhere I'm not seeing? Thanks in advance.

There are pattern pieces here:
and here (scroll down):

I used pieces in the second link. The size marked out with crosses along the cutting line, in particular. I didn't add a seam allowance, but sewed about a quarter inch in from the cutting line. Good luck with your owls, Leah. Send me a link when you're done.
Nothing says thank youhooooo like an owl. Now I get the Marty Feldman reference. DUH.

I am sorry but the owls and the chickens do not cohabit.

xox Kay
It's funny how we all seem to go through phases at the same time - now it seems to be owls with eveyone. Love yours...........
Thank you Cristina for the pattern links. I don't know when the owl will get made, but when it does, I'll be sure to send you a photo (no blog so it will have to be a photo rather than a link :o) Leah
Oh, this is so lovely!The green wool looks gorgeous.
I started making these little cuties, again, too. As you say... simple, quick and satisfying :-)
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