26 April 2008



The scene this morning about a half hour ago: a nine year old who wanted something other than every option offered to him for breakfast and a mother standing before an open refrigerator staring down about three cups of eight day old artisan bread dough. She puts the two-burner griddle on the stove and turns the heat up to medium. She slaps a cup each of the slack and cold dough onto the griddle in three roundish mounds. She turns each muffin after about seven minutes, turns the heat down to low and lets them cook another ten minutes. She fork splits. He butters. He eats.

Thanks for linking to the recipe. As soon as Passover ends, its a ball in the fridge for us!
a comment about beer coolies you left on angry chicken...they are not out...in fact we use em all the time. my sweetie diffenately uses for beer but they work great for pop too! those tails were great!
Who am I who doesn't know what a beer coolie is to say a beer coolie is out? I hope you find the Cristina who left that comment at angry chicken and set her straight, Susan!
Wow - amazing! Sounds like something a modern-day Ma Ingalls would do.
did he not jam?
auntie t.
Can't believe somebody is impersonating you and impugning the beer coolie. Really appalling. This sort of comment identity theft gives commenters a bad name.

Your bit of breakfast cookery is so deliciously functional. I have been trying to do that a little--to open up the fridge and figure out dinner from what's in there--and if I didn't have children, it would work great. Some of my concoctions have been OK, but they SCORNED my leftover-salmon croquette with leftover mashed potato pancakes. SCORNED!
YUM!!!! Just got the book through interlibrary loan the other day and will be mixing our first batch tomorrow.
Only one problem: the super small propane fridge leftover from our electricity-free years. Where to store the dough...
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