21 April 2008


a Jo Sharp cardigan

Just in time for that day of spring past which I can't tolerate wearing wool, I finished the Silkroad Cardigan (Interweave Knits, Fall 2004). I attached the sleeves and sewed the sleeve seams by hand and then did the rest by machine after careful pinning. Thanks to Elizabeth at The Knitting Garden for coming through with an extra ball of dk tweed (beyond the two called for in the pattern) for the collar. I needed the whole ball. The instructions don't take the full length of the collar piece into account.

I love this sweater, especially in these colors. So much that I would consider making it even though that much ribbing would drive me batty.
That was me, not trying to be anonymous!
Machining the seams: FIERCE!

It's divine. xo Kay
sweater is fabulous cristina:: xoxo
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