02 April 2008

gilding the

gifts to go with the new bag

I used fabric scraps to decorate a Moleskine notebook à la Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts and made a coordinating Bend the Rules Sewing Artsy Clutch to hold a pair of susyluxe earrings. I'll also tuck a Lyra pencil in for the sketching, notetaking, happy traveling college graduate.

I just realized that these are Ruben fabrics. How cool!

xo Kay
I love that! Do you think hand-sewing/embroidery would work on the Moleskine? I really want to make one, but our sewing machine is out of commission..I've thought about stenciling, too..
Betsy, the covers of the Moleskine notebooks are not too thick for hand sewing with a sturdy needle and embroidery floss. You can always glue the fabric on or use double-sided fusible interfacing and iron fabric on. Yeah, embroidering your fabric first and then attaching it to the cover with glue or interfacing would be better.
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