12 February 2008

a.d. 2008

a datebook cozy

This year I bought a Moleskine pocket weekly diary rather than a Paper-Source checkbook-style calendar like the ones I covered last year and the year before that. First I pieced a small log cabin block. With the base fabric (coarse linen) folded and the right edge of the book's cover placed on the fold I traced a line very close to the top and bottom edges; I cut out the shape adding 1/4" seam allowance beyond the traced lines and the same to the edges opposite the folded edge; I opened the piece and folded it so the traced lines were now turned to the inside; I pressed and stitched down the seam allowance of the opening edges; then I machine-stitched the small log-cabin block to the front, folded the piece right sides facing, stitched along the traced lines, turned the piece right side out, pressed it and shimmied it onto the book while the fabric was still a bit damp with steam. Now I want to find a fabric ink stamp pad to put MMVIII on the front.

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