02 November 2006


more felted Kureyon for lucky meIn the spring my friend Cheryl and I got serious about the knitting exchange we had talked about for over a year and got down to making bags for one another. I made this. And yesterday Cheryl unveiled...
Yes, she made a pieced lining for it!
Here's a close-up of the strap/bottom of the bag that was knit in the round first and to which the miters that form the sides were added. There's even a clever gusset at the place where the strap and sides join. Cheryl says she'll get around to posting the pattern on her website, but that anyone who wants the pattern sooner rather than later can contact her through her site.

That is the most beautiful felted bag I have ever seen. Seriously!

I must bow down to anybody who can create 3 dimensional shapes with miters. Cheryl! Amazin! And the fabric is mitered too! xoxo Kay
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