06 October 2006

o la la

the perfect embellishment

When after seeing her bag-to-be in an earlier post Cheryl suggested a special button for the center of the embroidered "o", I thought immediately of Moving Mud whose buttons I saw for the first time at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. I spent more time at Sarina Gulisano's booth than I did in all the yarn booths where I stopped. I wanted to learn how to blow glass. Short of that, I wanted every button I saw. I settled on two (more on those later). I sent an email including a link to the bag and asked Sarina to pick out a button to go with it. She wrote back that she would make one! This beautiful object arrived about a week later. Thanks, Sarina.

Did I mention that the bag took a soak in the black walnut pot?

You are the embellishment queen!! Gorgeous bag.
I think I could use a nice soak in the black walnut pot meself.

I can't believe that button. The whole O is so striking now that it seems almost too high art for a mere bag.

But how lazy are you, not learning how to blow glass? Git on it. xox Kay
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