03 September 2012

an elephant

never forgets, but I did (to finish the Mr Boy I started the same time Kay started hers and where my camera battery charger has been over the past year)

the still uncompleted, soon to be frogged Mr Boy...the soft sculpture Bruno completed in 7th grade handwork

I purchased Mr. Boy and am having a difficult time with the pattern. Working in the round, the pattern states on "Rnd 2: *P3, k3, p3; rep from* to end of rnd."
Should this read "Rnd 2: *P3, k3; rep from* to end of rnd."
Thanks for your help.
You've got a point there, Roz. Guess that error was so obvious, no one ever bothered to tell Twist (myself included who didn't make that error in the pattern as I submitted it)! Yes, purl the purls and knit the knits as you're working in the round. Enjoy. c.
Oh, what a soft, dear, squeezable sculpture::: happy fall Cristina!
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