22 August 2011

blue, blue summer

though not on my ownindigo dyed yarn for knitting kits to be sold at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia holiday fair

both sides of the Big Herringbone Cowl I knit with Blue Sky Worsted in Dungaree
close-up of the indigo dyed duvet my nephew, sisters and I made for his send-off to St. Olaf College (we wrapped marbles to create this effect)
skies above Lake Michigan
Fish Pie Indigo Dip Dyed (say it ten times fast)

Have you heard anything about the Waldorf fair for this year? Last year applications were due 9/1 but I haven't heard anything this summer. Thanks!
Hi, Julia, the school just hired a new Development Director, so it may be a few weeks before she's got the Fair in gear. It probably isn't a bad idea to send a message that you're interested: developmentphilawaldorf@verizon.net
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