14 April 2011


gathering talents

Somewhere along the way, our barn raising quilt became something wildly unique thanks to the efforts of good sport newbies and experienced parent knitters alike and to the brilliantly scrappy inventiveness of Gretchen Wright, Ilka Cassidy, and Lucy Martinez-Zuviria.

This quilt is so much more than the sum of its parts: hand-knit sock yarn squares, repurposed sweater scraps embellished with embroidery and crochet, a cotton backing "tied" with crazy little crochet motifs. True alchemy.

My darling 7th grade students posing with the quilt are not up for raffle. They're all mine until June 2012. However, if you'd like a chance to win this marvelous quilt, get your tickets HERE.

Thanks to Kim Soles for sweater pickings and for these glamor shots! If you're in the Philadelphia area stop in at Wine Thief bistro in Mt. Airy to see Kim's latest series of nature photographs (and have dinner, too because it's the best place to eat in Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill).

UPDATE: Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets! The winning ticket belonged to a neighbor of a school parent. Congratulations, Nancy H!!!

I just found your blog through Mason Dixon Knitting and I wanted to tell you that your students' quilt is absolutely amazing. From one middle school educator to another, WOW! I know you are proud of them and they should be proud of what they accomplished. It's a gorgeous team effort. :)
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