26 February 2010

only natural

on the needles

Inspired by the whiteout outside, right now I have three off-white projects on needles. Citron in Malabrigo Lace...Mara in Calmer...and a swatch of feathered lace ladder in a bulky blend of cotton and felted wool (thanks for the inspiration and the yarn, Belinda).

Bid early and often...see below. Among the fantastic things to bid on is a gift certificate for a meal at the best bistro in Philadelphia, The Wine Thief. Cheryl and I are about to join battle bidding for this.

I like your white yarn & wooden needle sculpture, it looks like some kind of knitter's tall ship if you squint.
I was thinking about Belinda's scarf, too.
all the white on white looks so beautiful. makes me want an all white space.

so, that embroidered quilt books looks amazing! did you win it?
so so so beautiful!
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