01 June 2009

mr. boy

my design in the just launched summer issue of twist collective

Here's Elio in the photograph that captivated the editors at twist. I owe so much to sunlight shining through blond hair.

The prototype mr. boy mr. boy is wearing is in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. These photos were taken in September '08 and by April '09, Elio outgrew the sweater. This summer I'll snip the bound off edges of the body and sleeves, rip them back and knit on a few inches so he can wear the sweater next school year, too.

I'm thinking of all kinds of ways to tweak the design...knitting the body from the sleeves down in stockinette and increasing to make it flare baby-doll style for a girl...working the neck and body portions in the RS of the stitch pattern, but working the sleeves in the WS (see the post below)...swapping in a different 3x3 rib pattern (this prototype's stitch pattern is slightly different from the one in the published pattern) or even baby cables...working it in wool or a linen blend...working it in fingering or sport weight yarns for baby sizes and in worsted and bulky yarns for roomier adult sizes. Mrs. Lear talks about using smocking on the ribs under the bustline of the version she made for herself. When the samples in Kolláge's undyed Hope come back to me in September they're definitely going into a pot with some black walnuts (and maybe some logwood). I have a mr. boy on needles right now for number one son Bruno. He's 10 (chest measurement 29") which is somewhere between the child and adult sizes I provide in the published pattern, so I cast on for the largest of the child sizes and I'll crank up the sleeve and underarm stitch counts by a multiple of six to make it all work out (hint!). I'll post a picture of B. in his back-to-school sweater in September. The blog's out for summer, but please leave comments and questions here or at ravelry and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Happy Summer!

Oh I love that photo. I like that stockinette idea. I will post denim version!
it's fabulous!!!!
Perfect! Congratulations.
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