21 July 2008

lassi, go home

I'm in Chicago on a working vacation. My mom got it into her head to make her own yogurt. She doesn't actually like to eat yogurt, but making it sounded like fun to her (I come by that honestly) so what to do with several superfresh quarts? Make lassi! I look forward to this daily almost as much as my morning assam.

Blend 1/4 c coconut milk, 2 c cold water, the juice of two limes, 2 c plain yogurt and generous dashes of whatever spices you like (I like cardamom and coriander)and a few T(or to taste)of agave nectar or honey for two big servings.

oh yum! I've been gearing up to make my own cheese. I've been saying it every week for about a month..."this weekend I'll make cheese"...now I'm going to read up on yogurt too. May not ever make either...but I can always make plans.
We quit making yogurt because we had too much each week. I am ready to jump on the lassi train!!!
What is it, girl? Is Cristina in trouble? Take me to her!

Whenever people are making their own yogurt I remember getting a very early Salton yogurt maker as a requested Christmas present in my teens. Let's just say that the Lady Clairol hot rollers were more useful in my daily life. I think I only liked the idea of yogurt at the time. It must have been in Seventeen magazine or something, that all the cute girls ate yogurt.
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