09 June 2008


none more black

The real question is how did black yarn get into my technicolor stash? This is Erika Knight's deep v sweater from Classic Knits just started. I made one for my mom substituting Jo Sharp DK Tweed for the Debbie Bliss Cathay called for in the pattern and the sweater turned out to be my mom's favorite garment this winter. I found some Cathay at a deep discount to make one for myself and now I know why test knitters are paid more when they knit up dark yarns. They should be paid more to work with cotton/silk blends, too. How more squinty and cranky can I be?

oh yeah, going blind, knitting black. Once my son wanted a black watch cap out of sock yarn... painful.
And plus you're knitting on straights? Are you MAD?
xo Kay
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