18 June 2008

(it's) a wrap (sort of)

The Garter Ruffle Shawl

My shawl's border is less ruffled than Terhi's. I think I botched the increase ratio at the color change. She says she "increased one stitch for every two stitches," so I k, k, kf&b. That's every three stitches, isn't it? I should have k, k, m1 or k, kf&b, right? Guess I'll have to make another one!

Those colors are gorgeous!You're right, you need to do another with more ruffliness. I'm going to start thinking about colors/yarns now.
I love the tweedie goodness of the scarf, ruffles or not! I need to find that new tweed book...

Thanks for the invite for the PIF exchange, but I don't think I have enough commenters to really do it!
Just LOVE your scarf!
Summer here in Japan seems to not really be in the mood to start, it's still cool enough on some days to wear a cardigan, and I feel like I could skip this season and proceed right away to fall - your tweedy scarf looks exactly like something I'd love to make these days!
Beautiful texture and colours!
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