18 June 2008

blue yonder

blog's out for summer

See you again when MDK 2 is released in September. I have a few designs in the book and a personal favorite project by Mrs. Lear I got to test knit to show. Have a lovely summer!

wishing all of the phila*s a happy, relaxed and sunny summer. good luck with all of your projecks cristina!
You too, Cristina!
Miss you already!
That was me, missing you anonymously on a French computer.

Joseph has been telling us a lot of things about Ben Franklin that he was reminded of at the chateau de Versailles.

xo Kay
I can't wait to see it!
Yippee for you! And yippee for me too, since I received your wonderful wooly package for PIF! I have to properly photo-document it and post, but this will have to do for now. Thank You! I can't believe you did all that indigo dying, I am so impressed. My mind is full of things I might knit with my heavenly blue yarn, languishing in the excellent blue bag!
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