27 May 2008

so fine

a sewing kit

I never win anything, so until this arrived from elsie marley I didn't really believe my good luck having my name picked for Meg's 100th post contest. Isn't it unbelievably clever? And very well made and, well, encouraging. I will fix it myself, thanks.

If that is not creative justice in prize winning, I don't know what would be. Enjoy it!
My comment didn't post, I think because I was screaming. How gorgeous! How absolutely gorgeous! I want to take my old knitting book and do the same with little dainty supplies inside! But then I thought an old cookbook full of takeout menus and pizza coupons would be cool. Lucky you!
yay! I'm so glad it got to you and that you like it! I'm still working out some kinks,which I'm sure you can see, but I'm going to try to sell a few.
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