24 March 2008

dragon's egg

a treasure-loaded, needle felted prize

I had an 11th hour inspiration about what to put into the Easter pinata for Elio. I took a fistful of purple roving and tucked a polished rose quartz into it and poked away with a felting needle. It really is that easy. You shape your object as you go. The only challenge was to keep the position of the quartz in mind so I didn't knock it too much with the needle. When it was nearly done, I wrapped wisps of greenish yellow roving around the egg and poked those to attach them in a spiral pattern. Elio got to snip the egg and pull out the quartz.

This is a great idea Cristina, it makes me think of brown wool seedpods filled with shiny things.

I saw in one of my vacation-treat lifestyle mags PEBBLES done with, I think a combination of wet-felting and needle felting. I need a tray of them for summery decor somewhere.

Elio must have had a blast cutting it open. xo Kay
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