01 March 2008


a bookmark

Cotton lace thread and a size 8 hook...a tiny granny square connected to a wee medallion and weighted with two beads. I was inspired by a crocheted wool medallion on a long chain Mrs. Lear made to wrap a gift she sent me. Artist Laura Normandin's crochet posts are inspiring me to see what I can do with a size 14 hook and tatting thread. That's a fake fur-bound copy of Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown and Garth Williams the bookmark is tucked into.

I scream for the fur-covered book!
I love that edition of the book, it was a huge favorite around here a few years ago. You make me nostalgic for that time!
Whenever anyone asks my favorite book, I say "The Little Fur Family"...warm as toast...smaller than most...and they live in a warm wooden tree...
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