24 February 2008

spun honey

a pillow for my sister Amy's house

Mrs. Lear's post on the plight of the bumblebees had me whipping through the stash for some honey-colored Berroco Pronto. I cast 120 stitches onto a 10.5 32" circular needle and went round and round adding a honeycomb stitch panel (from the 365 Stitches Calendar page for December 20th) and (what I think are) bees from Lesley Stanfield's New Knitting Stitch Library (four on the front and three on the back). I added a flap in seed stitch and seven shell buttons. I closed the bottom edge of the pillow with a running stitch.

I made up a newborn hat with some of the leftover yarn. This is 56 stitches cast on to a size 6 12" circular needle. I knit five rounds of k2, p2 rib followed by nine rounds of stockinette followed by seven k2tog decreases worked every other round until there were seven stitches remaining. I threaded the end of the yarn through the last seven stitches to close it and added a pompom. My tip for a dense pompom: make it a lot bigger than the size you want and then trim it down.

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