25 February 2008

spirits & sprites

a roving and felt angel

This came together in no time from an 8" length of roving, a small piece of felt and a bit of perle cotton. My only tools were an embroidery needle, a felting needle and scissors to cut the wings out. I folded the roving in half wrapping the fold over my thumb twice to form the head and teasing out a small strand to wrap around the neck. I made sure the face was smooth and tamed the stray bits at the back of the head with a few jabs of the felting needle. I pulled at the bottom of the angel to remove excess wool and to make the gown flow out. I cut the wings from one piece of wool felt and attached it to the back of the neck with perle cotton using a few small stitches. I drew the perle cotton through the top of the head and then down again to form the hanging loop, then I ran the thread around the neck and through the back under the wings and fastened it off. I tied a small knot in the hanging loop just above the head.

a wire, bead, flower petal, wool roving fairy

My friend and fellow third grade mom Denise Straiges Warkov recently hosted an evening of crafts and appetizers and demonstrated how to make these little creatures. Mine ended up more Moulin Rouge than Cicely Mary Barker.

I love her.
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