03 February 2008

in situ

the pillows I made in their new habitat

That's a felted bowl (on the little sofa pedestal next to the corrugated cardboard model of the house in the orange room) that I made a few years ago for my brother. The Felted Bowl: Where is it Now?

It is fascinating to try to understand the sofa!
Those are fabulous pillows; where did you find the patterns? Beautiful!
Thanks, Janet! The puzzle ball pillow is an enlargement of the pattern in Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts. The other two are my own inventions. You can see closer shots of them if you search "Gertrude" and "Daisy Chain" in the top bar of the blog--very simple construction. The texture on the knitted pillow is made up of twisted stitches, bobbles and tucked stitches.
what a lovly spot!
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