04 February 2008


a perfect Phila Sunday (and perfect indifference to punctuation):

this recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day;

a happy stop at lovely loop where I bravely resisted mission creep and bought only the yarn I need for these (but enjoyed the vicarious pleasure of helping a friend pick out colors of this to make a Log Cabin Moderne blanket) and where I learned a loop fabric shop will open right next door in the spring (!!!);

another fabulous Lyric Fest concert at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church at 21st and Walnut (my first was their Shakespeare show which will rank as one of my all-time favorite performance experiences--engaging, witty, lively and literary) followed by a reception at The Academy of Vocal Arts;

a walk in the Wissahickon is also nice

thx for the bread link:: will try it ireckly. bread you can leave in the fridge? without it taking over your fridge?? the accompanying photo looks luscious.

23h06, have just pulled the mini-foccacia from the oven:: they taste great, have a fantastic fine crumb, but the looks? not so much.
(and why am i baking at night instead of in the morning??)
cristina:: reporting back on the bread. (finally:: how many months later?) i think i am going to run out & buy this book-- my first loaf is gorgeous. i like the moist dough (miss the kneading though) and i really like the no-sugar-needed recipe, sometimes my loaves have a strange wine-y taste because of the sugar. and the crust (its exoskeleton?) is killer!
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