08 January 2008

s'cool for cats

a little red scarf for Elio

We love the Jenny Linsky books (like The School for Cats) by Esther Averill. Elio asked for a scarf like the one Jenny's Captain Tinker knit for her, so I put this one together with one skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It's twenty stitches across knit in garter all the way to about thirty inches with six little (3/4") pom poms attached with braided yarn.

Another great series for children is Cynthia Rylant's Mr Putter & Tabby. Santa tucked Mr Putter & Tabby Spin the Yarn into Elio's stocking--Mr Putter makes tea (and trouble) for his friend and neighbor's knitting group.

Gorgeous - we are Jenny fans here as well - how do I not know this Mr Putter? Must investigate!
Sob! I missed out on Jenny entirely.

But I do want a sweater (well 2 really), like the jackets in this video:

How I shrieked! You only get the jacket if you'll wear the bodysuit, Kay.
hello, I read your site AND happen to work for the publishing company that publishes the Jenny books. We have a blog & I've (slowly) been collecting pix of Jenny look-alikes. May I post your photograph? I've hope also to post the adorable vest that another knitter made with Jenny on it. Drop me a line! www.nyrb.typepad.com
Hi! My plan is to knit Jenny's scarf for my 5yo for Christmas this year. Would you mind sharing how you attached the pom poms? I've been puzzling over this for a while. It looks as though the scarf is a simple garter stitch? TIA!
Hi, Rebecca, I ran yarn through the center of each pom pom with a yarn needle to form three strands to braid. Then I threaded the braid through the needle and knotted it to the scarf. Yes, it's garter stitch. Ultra Alpaca, I think. All best, Cristina
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