15 January 2008

li'l shaver

a vest for a friend's baby boy

PATTERN: Lois Daykin's "Harvey" from the Rowan Little Treasures book for Rowan Soft Baby
YARN: Henry's Attic Texas mohair/wool blend I dyed with indigo. I love, love, love this yarn for dyeing. The two fibers take the dye differently and the yarn just glows. I get mine from discountyarnsale.com.
MODIFICATIONS: I worked the back of the vest in RS all knit, WS p4, k2 instead of working the cable pattern. I edged the armholes with a little roll finish (two rows of stockinette and then the usual bind off) instead of working the rib there because I was afraid I'd run out of yarn. I didn't knit the pocket called for in the pattern. Close shaver.


I love the tank top - both the colour and the pattern. Makes me wish I'd been more adventerous with Raj's tank tops a few years ago. Sadly, he's not into them anymore .......
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