15 November 2007


small embroidered motifs

A fellow parent made child-sized aprons some of which I embellished with these designs. You will recognize the bird if you have this excellent book. The aprons and lots of items handmade by parents will be available at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia Holiday Fair taking place this weekend. I can't stop to blog the felted stocking kits I'm putting together with plant-dyed yarn or the Robin Hood Hats in red felt (so I guess that would make them Will Scarlet hats). If you're local and planning to visit the Fair, please find me in the café from 12-3 and forgive me if I have to dash off to make sure the couscous isn't overswelling.

I went to the Chicago Waldorf School K through 10th grade, and all this talk of the Holiday Fair is making me very nostalgic. This will be the first year I can't go.

I hope you have a great time! Everything you make is just lovely.
Thank you, Catherine!

Everyone everywhere should google their local Waldorf school to check Fair dates--they can be truly splendid events for families in the greater community as well as for school families. The puppet show is enchanting--Snow White and Rose Red this year.

Yesterday I caught site of scarf kits with plant-dyed boucle mohair that the handwork teacher has put together for our Fair--local knitters, if you like my plant-dyed yarn you'll love the handwork teacher's.
They really are fun. I still dip candles every year,even at the age of 21,and still get a thrill from pocketman!
Wish I could be there - I love the embroidered pockets.
the drawing! the drawing! wish i could buy an apron for zoé, 2 hats for the boys

all the best for the fair
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