04 September 2007


sashiko embroidered patches for the "bubble and wave" afghan

These are on opposite sides of the same panel. The bubble patch is a wonky, free-hand interpretation of a traditional sashiko interlocking circles pattern. For floss I used silk and merino blend lace yarn I dyed with indigo. The blue and white sewing threads are pure cotton, but the dark blue holding down the wave patch is synthetic. The day I think about dyeing my own sewing thread will, I hope, never come. Today the afghan gets a photo shoot with a fellow parent who has a great eye and a dslr. I'm hoping to post a link in the next month or so to a site where anyone who'd like can buy a raffle ticket to win the afghan. (The drawing will take place on November 17th.)

i can't wait to see a full shot of this - it looks amazing.
there's wonky, and then there's wonky. such intention in that wonkiness!!

please let me know when the link is up, you know how much blankety love i have...
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