22 August 2007


I (heart) indigo.

I used J.N. Liles' recipe and instructions in The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing to dye the panels of the second annual Waldorf School of Philadelphia Holiday Fair raffle afghan. The actual color is pretty much the middle shade (the photos above are all the same shot differently interpreted by my limited command of the even more limited photoshopping features of iPhoto). I recommend Liles' book for indigo dyeing. Even someone totally new to dyeing could get great results the first time using his instructions. The natural indigo powder and assists I used came from Hill Creek Fiber Studio.

Oh my GOODNESS. You simply MUST provide further reportage on this. I'm wanting to see every inch of this project. Every INCH, woman! It's so gargeous!
Cristina, very cool about the Liles book!! a big ME TOO!! Which recipe? If your neighbors aren't complaining, it's not a fermentation vat... I'm doing the soak-a-dirty-fleeece one, and wow, does it stink. Will blog- but I won't be stealing your thunder. Your color is *much* better.

Lye and Spectralite! The "easy" vat. The key is to take it easy on the indigo and have patience. I will include all my tips along with a recipe for the afghan when the thing is completely done.
Oh, pooo. I'd have emailed you off-blog, but I don't find an email link.

Apologies on the Omen nightmares!! Our cat Omen is "inherited" from my ex, who thought it was a "good omen" to find a black cat under a dumpster on a Friday afternoon. The fact that I have the cat is a Big Clue as to how lucky it was for the ex. For us, he's just obnoxious.

Others: I've got pictures of Omen strangeness on my own blog, I think the blogger link will get you there.
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