03 June 2007


The Art Star Craft Bazaar was a breezy place to be yesterday morning. I picked up this fantastic little vessel from Penelope Rakov of Spot-On Designs. The handle is definitely the punctum for me.

I also drifted into the orbit of Pushmepullyou Design, Chloe Le Pichon Ceramics, Foxy & Winston, TADworks, Lemon Cadet, Red Mailbox Press, Mandy Gerth, jezebel, 1Girl 1Boy, imogene, artgoodies, Yasha Butler, pinecone + chickadee, The Black Spot Books, mogo, pistol stitched handbags, and giant dwarf. And at the Art Star Gallery I saw and coveted in real live person two small quilts by Amy Karol including "You're Not Going to Get Far in that Thing".

Is that for tea or flowers? It needs a doll quilt to sit upon!
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