29 March 2007

jessica & stephanie

embroidered quilt patches

These are original designs stitched by my neice Jessica and my neice-in-law Stephanie for Elio's tribal baby quilt. Since each of them is expecting a baby this summer, I've been thinking a lot about my contributions to the two quilts my sisters and other neices and I will be putting together in the fall. Most often patches reflect an interest or hobby of the baby's mother or father. Alternatively, we whip up something inspired by our own favorite motifs, colors, and techniques. I've got Punto Assisi in mind.

What a talented family all round!
As I said before you are a talented family. I love the top one especially. BTW I was just thinking we hadn't been in touch for a while - so hello from me.
These are so cute and I love the scrappy blanket. Beautiful work, really original and the end result is quite stunning.
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