09 February 2007


a silk pouch for anntorp

I'm donating the Noro scarf to a silent auction to benefit my son's school and I thought I would gild the lily (in a good way) and make a little bag for the winning bidder to store the scarf in during the summer months. This is a simple folded rectangle of silk shantung (instructions for something similar appear in Last Minute Knitted Gifts). To make the scrap of fabric I had long enough, I pieced strips to the tops with the grain running perpendicularly to the grain of the main body of the pouch (I can't capture it in a photo, but it appears like the top part of the bag is in a different shade of coral than the body). I ran over the pieced seam again and again with straight and zigzag stitches and then I hit on the idea of zigzagging over bits of leftover yarn to add more decoration and hint at the contents of the bag. I used more leftover yarn to make twisted cords for the closure.

That looks great - I can't wait to show this picture to Emma. She's been sewing Valentines on her machine and this could add a whole new dimension!
that is so cool..i love the zigzag over the yarn, i never would have thought to do that, but now i really want to!
I have a piece of that silk in the scraps we were piecing today! Very fancy stuff. I like the idea of getting 2 shades out of it by switching the direction. Clevah!
xox Kay
The colors you used are beautiful I love the couching idea. It worked out great.
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