18 February 2007


a hybrid baby blanket
Using pink dishcloth cotton yarn and a tapestry needle, I joined a collection of knit and felted blocks with running stitch. I made decisions about overlapping edges as I went along.

Some blocks required backing and I hit on the idea of reverse appliqued leaves for this flower I machine stitched here. The block to the left was my first block for Stitch Marker's Squarealong that ended up too big. I machine quilted it to a block I cut from a thrifted sweater.

I embroidered the baby's name onto a log cabin patch for this block.

I just loved this detail.

TIPS AND VISUAL AIDS FOR BINDING A KNITTED BLANKET WITH FABRIC: For my 1.5" binding I cut and pieced 5" wide strips of fabric, pressing open the seams between pieces. I folded the strip in half and pressed it and then folded each long side toward the fold, pressing and measuring to make certain my the binding measured 1.5" wide.
Starting in the middle of one side of the blanket, I tucked the blanket edge into the binding as you see below. (I didn't use pins since the binding and blanket required constant tucking and adjusting.)

I used a simple running stitch of DMC perle cotton. (Sorry about the blur.)

When I got to within 1.5" of a corner, I tucked the binding around it and pinned.

First I pulled the binding to form a crisp corner (top photo) and then I folded it down to form the miter. I pinned that miter and then turned the blanket over and formed a miter on the other side.

I embroidered through all layers to secure the corners.

When I got to the end of the binding, I folded the raw edge in and used thread and a blind stitch to finish.

"tucked the blanket into the binding..." should read in the photo ABOVE, not below--sorry!
gaw-geous. lucky sadie rose!! what a fab blanket, cristina. xoxo kelli ann
What a fun blanket! Love all of those details. Lucky baby.
oh, cristina - how I long for a crafting day - even one crafting project?? I am glad you are blogging so I can live vicariously - this bwankie is absolutely stunning - little Sadie Rose is getting quite a start in life!! Talk soon,
i think the 'tiling' of the squares (as opposed to smooshing them together in blind denial of their different gagues i am utterly inable to spell that word, sorry and yarns and stitch patterns) is absolutely brilliant. i'm putting together yet another raffle blanket & might just shamelessly borrow this method-- will post photos, promise. - kelli ann
This is beautiful and showcases your creativity, Cristina. What amazing work!
Consider me gobsmacked.

I have long wished for such a thing, vaguely, and here it is, better than I had imagined.

Let's do this now instead of doing anything else. xoxo Kay
Wow, I love the mix of knits and quilt blocks. Is there any special trick for get even thickness?
Hi, Connie, the squares are not even in thickness, but when a fabric was particularly thin, I backed it with a square cut from an old sweater I fulled in the washer.
Combining knitting with sewing has been knocking around in my head for a while and I LOVE your blanket! Very, very inspiring. Thanks for the great turtorial!
Gorgeous, this is the work of a creative genius!
Wow! This is absolutely beautiful!
Hi...I posted a blanket inspired in part by this and in part by MDK log cabining...at http://my45thyear.blogspot.com.

Thanks for the inspiration!
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