07 February 2007


a long, fringed scarfMATERIALS: 5 balls Noro Silk Garden #24 and 1 hank Transitions #5
NEEDLE: Size 13US circular
PATTERN: Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's from her first Noro book
the French Lieutenant's Woman's baby

LOL re French Lieutenant's et cetera.

He looks so very serious.....the heartbreak of Nor-iasis.

Wear Anntorp in good health. I gave mine away and can't even remember to whom! xox Kay
Was it very hard getting through all that garter stitch? I think about it, but then, I just don't know!
soo--- dramatic! everybody needs a scarf that makes them feel like Smeryl.

and completely unrelated to knitting, and cross-referencing from the MDK snippets - i think frontyard vegetable gardens are beautiful and necessary. and it says something about a culture when we need to hide all of the utility in the backyard. in portugese and italian neighborhoods in montreal, it's lovely to see the tomato & basil plants lining the front walks. one day, when i was in the city with ben & elliot, a woman plucked a perfect pear from the tree in her front yard to hand to the boys- i was so touched!! i've just come across a play/garden workshops, for ages 3+ "la terre nourrit tout, les sages et les fous." (and with that, i will stop flitting about on the 'net!) bisous, c, from kelli ann
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