31 January 2007


my fifth baby Jane block ("Bachelor's Buttons")

I used a "cheater cloth" (from Yuwa) to make this square with appliqued "buttons" and left out the fourth one that should be in the quadrant printed with a little package of buttons. For the Teardrops square I kept the freezer paper attached to the muslin and used it to guide my applique stitches, tucking the fabric in under the paper as I sewed. I cut through the background fabric to remove the freezer paper and the extra bulk created by the appliqued pieces (I didn't think up that craziness, it's in a book). For this square I did the reverse. I left the freezer paper on the buttons but on top of the fabric. It was still there to guide my shaping of each button, but I could peel the paper off the top without cutting the background fabric. I like the bulk for the button shape and I'm tempted to add embroidery mimicking the buttons printed on the background cloth. Wouldn't a baby quilt of just this square with each patch embroidered to look like a different card of buttons be very cute? I'm thinking about adding embroidered details here and there to patches as I go.

oh, that would be totally adorable! :)
I love this block and your explanation. Is your post title a subtle Broadcast reference? :)
so sweet, cristina! xo kelli ann
I always get the biggest kick out of freezer paper applique! But here I'm confused.... It looks as though these buttons are reverse appliqued, no? I don't understand how the freezer paper comes into play. Maybe I'll just have to sit down and play with it.
Lynn, it's the scan that makes the buttons look recessed like reverse applique! I'll start taking proper photos of these so they look more like they are in real life.
Tender Buttons . . . a little Gertrude goin' on? (cool)

I've gotten to the point where I can't wait to check your blog to see the next block you've made. They are fabulous! Fresh! Fantastic!
Your learning curve is excellent! These just keep getting more beautiful.
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