29 January 2007


my third baby Jane block ("Jane's Tears")

OH! I LOVE this one! Beautiful!
I was going to say, "Oh! I love this one." But Cara beat me to it. Um, so I'm going to say instead, "This one is excellent!" :)
Thanks! I like this one, too, but I obviously need to work on my applique skills...and my matching points skills...
Makes me sing Sesame Street's "12345678910 - 10 - 10, let's sing a song of 10, how many is 10?"
You make this block absolutely sing!

As a (somewhat) accomplished quilter, I looked at the Dear Jane blocks a couople years ago and said, "I can do that." I picked out four of them and proceeded to tear my hair out. They may look simple, but they are not.

Excellent work!
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